Catholic Adults Club

The Catholic Adults of Brooklyn is a social group with members from churches all over Brooklyn.  The group runs through  the tireless efforts of a 22 member committee,  that plan and run each event.  The group has three leaders Michael Somma, from our own St. Bernard, Joanne Sechiano, from St. Thomas and Mary Ann DeLuca from Our Lady of Grace. Though we have been around over 25 years, many just don’t know what CAB is, who we are or if they can join in on the fun. 

CAB (aka. St. Bernard Singles Club aka CYAC )  sponsors events ranging from dances, trips, Broadway shows and dinners to volleyball, bowling, evenings of prayer and volunteering at nursing homes.  The group has a newsletter that comes out twice a year with all the information you need to know, but many times you can find flyers with great events and trips in the back of the church.  Now we are on Facebook,  just go to Facebook and type in  The page has a lot of information on upcoming events, flyers and pictures to get to know the group.   The great thing about the group is its ability to welcome everyone.  All ages join the group at many different events.  Young people, middle age, older parents and grandparents have a great time.  Join us and see what it’s all about.